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Our goal is to understand how to measure sustainability in product design and manufacturing effectively So that customers can make informed purchase decisions

How you can help

If you're working in a business that manufactures or sells products of any kind, we'd love to hear about how you manage your sustainability efforts (or plan to in the future). We've created a simple survey that will ask about your product and processes. It won't take long to complete and if you do we'll share the results with you once complied so you can benchmark against other businesses (all answers will be anonymised before sharing with anyone).

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The problem at hand

Sustainability is hard to measure. There are various methods and frameworks for doing so which tend to focus on the 3 main pillars of sustainability (environmental, social, and economic). No one has yet made this easily accessible to consumers though, who are more than ever looking for ways to make sustainable and ethical choices.

The complexity and ambiguity of what makes a product sustainable opens up opportunities for bad actors to greenwash their product propositions and fool customers into thinking they are making environmentally positive purchases.

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Our end goal

We're conducting this initial research to understand how products are perceived to be sustainable, and what businesses are doing to educate their customers on this topic.

The end goal currently is to allow products and companies to benchmark themselves against others in the market and offer fair, and understandable ways for customers to educate themselves before making a purchase decision. Depending on the results of our research, this goal may evolve. Right now, we really just want to know what you think about how sustainability can and should be measured.

We'd like to get your opinion. If you take part we'll share the results with you first. All answer data will be kept anonymous in the reporting.

Every individual opinion matters

Whether you have a large manufacturing business or a tiny startup, your opinion matters and should be heard. Please help us gather as wide a set of objective sources as possible and shape the future effective sustainability measurement.

Your contribution will help to spread awareness of sustainability in manufacturing and retail and help customers make positive informed choices.

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